Our Strategies

We believe in empowering our clients by helping them gain knowledge, integrate elements, and take action.

We are passionate about strategic water resource planning. 

We believe strategic planning provides an opportunity for a water purveyor to integrate and balance the legal, technical, political, and economic drivers in the water management game. Like a game of chess, the water manager must be able to anticipate and counter the “moves” of state and federal regulations; changes in natural hydrology, climate or groundwater conditions; regional competition and coexistence of shared water resources; local land use changes, developments, and plans; and project funding opportunities.  Proactive and integrated planning can provide a manager a reliable game plan that can be confidently referred to over and over as the conditions in the water management game change.

Knowledge provides power to manage water supplies. Knowledge about existing and foreseeable water issues is critical for informed decision-making. Tully & Young helps you gain knowledge. We:

  • Analyze water supplies, rights and reliabilities
  • Review, assess and comment on the water supply impacts of local, regional and statewide planning actions
  • Evaluate the technical components of current and future demand scenarios
  • Identify the legal, technical, political and economic issues that drive local, regional and statewide water management

When it comes to water resources in California, inaction is dangerous. To protect your water supplies and to provide sustainable resources into the future, you must act. Tully & Young can help you:

  • Stay current with required (or strategically desired) water rights filings and reporting
  • Develop strategic approaches to water supply portfolio management
  • Develop or comment on land use and water supply planning documents
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Pursue grants and other funding sources
  • Stay informed on issues that affect your water supplies
  • Communicate your concerns and interests with those “in charge”

Practical solutions should not focus on narrow technical analysis. Tully & Young integrates the legal, technical, political and economic elements that affect water management problems. Local, regional, statewide and federal drivers concurrently impact your water supplies. And our multi-disciplined and comprehensive approach provides the solution kit to address your water management challenges.