Gwyn-Mohr Tully


Mr. Tully, co-founder of Tully & Young, is a licensed attorney in California with over 25 years of experience in surface and subsurface hydrology, law and policy.  Mr. Tully consults with public agencies and private clients on developing and implementing water resource management plans and individual water projects.  In this context, Mr. Tully has conducted water rights investigations; assessed contractual water obligations; negotiated water transfers; prepared water settlements; evaluated surface and subsurface water supplies; prepared regulatory, legal, and political assessments; researched historical water rights and supplies; and conducted and coordinated high-level stakeholder interactions. Mr. Tully wrote an Amicus Brief to the California Supreme Court in the case Barstow v. Mojave on the fundamental underpinnings of California Water Rights law.

Greg Young


Mr. Young is a registered civil engineer with 30 years of experience in strategic water resource management and planning. Mr. Young helps clients develop workable solutions that meet their fundamental water planning objectives, with experience and skill gained from his work throughout California and other western states. Mr. Young provides expertise to local agricultural and urban water purveyors, public agencies, non-profits and private interests on matters ranging from SGMA compliance, to water asset management and water rights reporting, to aiding clients with the purchase or sale of water assets, to drafting legally supportable documents for use in CEQA and NEPA compliance efforts. Through all of this work, Mr. Young focuses on providing objective-based facts that help his clients make informed decisions regarding the reliable management of their vital water resources.

Kris Olof

Mr. Olof has significant experience evaluating and forecasting customer water demands, and building and running complex hydraulic infrastructure system models.  Mr. Olof has expert technical and computer skills and is able to easily manipulate spreadsheets, computer code, and geo-spatial mapping programs.  Coupling these skills with practical construction and engineering knowledge, Mr. Olof is at ease communicating and interacting with in-field operators to senior managers, and across many skill sets – a vital skill that aids calibration and validation of hydraulic system models.  Mr. Olof’s education and experience in water resources engineering and planning, water quality management, and cartography provide an ideal foundation for the specialties offered by Tully & Young.  Combining previous experience in rural small businesses, residential construction, farming and the California wine industry with an engineering degree gives Mr. Olof a unique perspective to help clients assess and solve water resource management and planning challenges.

Jennie McCarl

Ms. McCarl is an experienced professional with a background in marketing and project management. She provides executive level support at Tully & Young, including accounting and bookkeeping work, preparation of corporate financial documents, and management of client contracts.  Ms. McCarl also performs project-level research, prepares and edits client work-products, and coordinates team meetings and interactions.