Water Planning Documents

Preparing and supporting all aspects necessary for:

  • Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs) to aid purveyors with strategic planning as well as compliance with reporting and documentation requirements required under California law
  • SB 610 Water Supply Assessments (SB 610 WSA) and SB 221 Validations, as well as Water Supply Evaluations to satisfy sufficiency declarations and/or perform impact analyses associated with CEQA compliance for General Plans, Specific Plans and other associated land use actions, especially according to the criteria contained in California Water Code §10910 et seq. (commonly referred to as SB 610 water supply assessments).

Conservation and Demand Analysis

Evaluate and establish per-capita demands and other unit water demand factors; Determine historic demand conditions; Project future demand conditions, considering numerous factors, including conservation measures; Prepare long-term drought contingency plans and water conservation analyses

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Synthesizing hydrology, engineering, law, and policy to develop comprehensive water management plans that emphasize operational flexibility and system-wide diversity; Provide in-depth supply and demand analysis; Provide strategic guidance for political and regulatory trends to avoid future resource planning setbacks; Fatal flaw analyses – examining water management projects for technical, legal, and political vulnerabilities and assessing vulnerability severity; Providing solutions to mitigate or eliminate vulnerability; Facilitate multi-party inter- and intra-agency discussions and projects.

Integrated Project Management

Coordinating and facilitating objectives, tasks, and timelines for complex water management and planning efforts involving multi-discipline, multi-agency participants and stakeholders.

Complex Issue Negotiation

Assisting with issue mediation, interest based negotiations and settlement preparation associated with water resource management.

Water Rights

Investigating water rights and contracts; Researching regulations and policies affecting water rights or contracts as they pertain to the flexibility or limitations of specific water supply sources; Prepare required reports and filings

Water Marketing

Assisting clients successfully market assets to generate revenue or purchase water supplies to help replace short and long-term shortfalls; Identifying potential buying or selling parties, addressing legal, technical, procedural and political elements, and developing workable terms and conditions for broad agreement